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The Head Office at CfSHE is the home site for Japanese exhibition, training and residency programs.


2020 IMA Board of Directors

ChairAnnu Vertanen, Finland

Vice ChairRalph Kiggell, UK/Thailand

Bilingual SecretariesKatsu Yuasa, Japan and Jacqueline Gribbin, Austraila

New MembersFlorence Neal, US; Ruth Pelzer-Montada, UK; Frank Trueba, US

Alternate MemberMara Cozzolino, Italy


Advisory Board Members: past board members Kari Laitinen, Finland, Tuula Moilanen, Finland and April Vollmer, US

Head Office Advisor: Hayato Fujioka, Japan

Technical Development Advisor: Mike Lyon, US

Asian Development Coordinator: Mel Cheong (Cheong Hoi I), Macau

Additional advisors may help with specific areas of the upcoming conference.

IMA Tokyo Head Office: Yasuyuki Sato, Director; Yoko Kanahama is the new Tokyo Head Office Administrative Assistant; in addition to organizational work, she will function as bi-lingual liaison with the IMA.


Pictured at IMCHawaii at Donkey Mill Art Center, the 2017 Board members include Jacqueline Gribbin, Yasuyuki Sato, Claire Cuccio, Hiroki and Setsuko Morinoue, Katsu Yuasa, and Ralph Kiggell. Not pictured: Tuula Moilanen and Michael Schneider.

2017 IMA Board

Claire Cuccio (Chair, USA)

Ralph Kiggell (Vice Chair, UK)

Jacqueline Gribbin (Australia)

Tuula Moilanen (Finland)

Hiroki Morinoue (USA)

Yasuyuki Sato, (Japan)

Michael Schneider (Austria)

Katsutoshi Yuasa (Japan) 湯浅 克俊