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The Head Office at CfSHE is the home site for Japanese exhibition, training and residency programs.

IMA Board of Directors

The International Mokuhanga Conference is organized by the IMC Head Office, and by the International Mokuhanga Assocation (IMA), the IMA Advisory Board, and IMA Japan.

IMC Head Office, Tokyo

Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026 Japan

  • HO Director: Yasuyuki Sato (Chair of Center for the Science of Human Endeavor/CfSHE)
  • Administrator: Keiko Kobayashi
  • Communications Attaché: April Vollmer (Independent Artist and Lecturer/USA)

IMA Board Members

2022 – 2024 IMA International Board

  • Chair: Annu Vertanen, artist and Professor, Academy of Fine Arts (Finland)
  • We mourn the July 25, 2022 death of Vice-Chair: Ralph Kiggell, artist and lecturer (UK / Thailand)
  • Japanese/English Bilingual Secretary: Katsutoshi Yuasa, artist, MI-LAB Special Advisor (Japan)
  • Japanese/English Bilingual Secretary: Jacqueline Gribbin, artist, master printer (Australia / UK)
  • Mara Cozzolino, artist (Italy)
  • Mike Lyon, artist (USA)
  • Yoonmi Nam, artist, Professor University of Kansas (USA)
  • Florence Neal, Artist, Director and Co-founder Kentler International Drawing Space (USA)
  • Frank Trueba, artist (USA)

IMA International Advisory Board

  • Mel Cheong (Cheong Hoi I), Macau (Asian Development Coordinator)
  • Claire Cuccio, Independent scholar and lecturer, US
  • Karen Kunc, Cather Professor of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Owner/Director at Constellation Studios, US
  • Kari Laitinen, Former Senior lecturer, researcher at Aalto University, Finland
  • Tuula Moilanen, PhD, Independent artist and lecturer, Finland
  • Setsuko Morinoue, Artistic Director of Donkey Mill Art Center, US
  • Michael Schneider, Lecturer Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan/Austria
  • April Vollmer, Independent artist, writer and lecturer, US (Communications)

IMA Tokyo Head Office

  • Director: Yasuyuki Sato, Chair of Center for the Science of Human Endeavor/CfSHE
  • Project Coordinator: Keiko Kobayashi
  • Communications Attaché: April Vollmer

IMA Japan Board

  • Chair: Yasuyuki Sato
  • Vice Chair: Katsutoshi Yuasa
  • Furuya Hiroko (Japan)
  • Katayama Natsuki (Japan)
  • Shoichi Kitamura (Japan)
  • Auditors: Satoru Tanaka (Michi Hamono)